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one night with you

your heart flys, it falls


Behind the Bones
My name is Taylor, and I'm twenty years old. I'm an aspiring artist more or less. I'm a pretty laid back kind of person and I like to live my life in leisure. Daydreaming is a disease that I can't seen to cure. I have chronic typo disorder, so please forgive me for that. For some reason I also tend to be extreme vague with my word, more apologies for strange character quirks I can't seem to rid myself of. Shyness and outgoingness sort of go hand and hand with me. I feel intimidated by socializing and I might come off as a little awkward in conversations but I love to make new friends.

What interests the Bones
Even though I'm not quite as involved in fandom as I once was, I am currently in love with Fairy Tail and Sailor moon. Sailor Moon will probably be a burning passion for the rest of my life and I want to get a tattoo about it one day too. I also rather enjoy Bleach (starting to get back into again), One Piece (I've started watching the anime again, so this should be an exciting adventure), Gintama, Nana and Paradise kiss (Ai Yazawa is my hero and I hope some day to be as wonderful of a character creator as she is), Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Escaflowne, most, if not all of the studio gibli films, Yumemiru Taiyou, Devil and her Love Song, Kimi wa Petto, and Mars. There are probably more but that's all I can list for the moment. Oh! And I really want to watch and read Panty and Stocking.

The Doings of the Bones
In this journal you will find a variety of different topics. Obviously details of whatever my daily life entails. Probably a bit of fandom posts here and there. If I can get over my ridiculous fear, perhaps I will post pieces of writings. Even though I have an art community now, there will also be pictures here and there.

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